Android 14 Beta 3 introduces new charging indicator for Pixel phones

Google is set to enhance the user experience of Pixel phones with the introduction of a new charging indicator in the upcoming Android 14 Beta 3 release. This new feature will be prominently displayed in the top corner of the screen.

Similar to the “chip” style used for phone calls, Android 14 will now provide users with a clear indication of when their device is charging. The charging indicator, located in the top right corner, will not only inform users about the charging status but will also display the battery percentage.

While the new charging indicator undoubtedly captures attention, some users may perceive its placement as redundant. Nonetheless, the inclusion of the battery percentage is particularly useful for individuals who prefer not to have this information constantly visible. Regardless of the status bar setting, the percentage will be visible to users.

As we continue to explore the features and enhancements of Android 14 Beta 3, we will provide further updates. We encourage readers to reach out via email or Twitter if they come across any discoveries that we may have missed. Stay tuned for more exciting developments!

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