Google Meet Picture-in-Picture enhanced in Chrome

This February, Google added Picture-in-Picture (PiP) feature in its Chrome. In this feature, the user can play/pause, go back to the tab, or close it. Now, Google Meet uses the feature this major enhancement of the PiP feature of Chrome.

Chrome’s Picture-in-Picture feature lets the user do the following:

  1. Use in meeting chat
  2. Raise your hand
  3. Turn captions on and off
  4. More effectively resize the picture-in-picture view
  5. Access flexible layouts

Users can open the picture-in-picture from Meet’s overflow menu as previously. The interface of Chrome’s picture-in-picture future is quite similar to Google Meet on Android and iOS. In this, at the bottom, all controls are placed and your feed s shown vertically. Before, the user can turn off the camera or microphone and exit the meeting and UI shows as landscape.

Our new picture-in-picture experience provides greater flexibility when screen sharing or navigating to a relevant screen for a more dynamic experience.

This new advanced PiP in Chrome is available to all Google Workspace users and for personal Accounts also.

Chrome PiP-2
Lastly, Google also included this UI feature where we can admit people into meetings.

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