New One UI beta introduces seamless transfer of Wear OS watches to new phones without reset

Samsung’s latest One UI Beta has brought an eagerly anticipated feature to the forefront: the ability to transfer Wear OS watches to new smartphones without the need for a complete reset.

Until now, Wear OS watches faced a significant challenge when it came to transferring them to new phones. The process required resetting the watch entirely and then establishing a connection with the new phone. This inconvenience was largely due to the lack of a backup function for Wear OS. However, recent developments in the One UI beta for Galaxy Watch 4 and 5 suggest that this may no longer be the case.

Samsung had previously provided users with a workaround by offering a backup feature in the Samsung Cloud. However, even with this option, resetting the Wear OS was still necessary to pair it with a new phone. It now appears that progress in this area is being made, potentially spearheaded by Google.

Phone transfer without resetting is available on One UI Beta update
by u/1n5omni4c in WearOS

The “Transfer watch to new phone” feature, which has only surfaced in the latest One UI beta, holds the promise of resolving this long-standing issue. Unlike the Samsung Cloud, this functionality places emphasis on setting up the watch’s Google account on the new phone.

What makes this development particularly exciting is that it ensures a seamless transition to a new phone without the need to reset the watch. This aligns with the feature that was first discovered in Google’s source codes several months ago but has only now made its appearance. It is currently anticipated that this feature will be available starting from Wear OS 4.

Users who have transitioned to the latest One UI beta can now look forward to a more streamlined process when transferring their Wear OS watches to new phones. The ability to bypass the arduous reset process marks a significant advancement in the usability and convenience of Wear OS watches. With the impending release of Wear OS 4, this feature is poised to enhance the overall user experience and further solidify Samsung’s commitment to improving the wearables ecosystem.

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