Google brings text-to-guided to Imagen Editors

Most people are fond on the clicks different pictures like rivers, people, animals, landscapes, and more. With Imagen Editors users can edit images and convert them to different graphics formats. Now, Google brings a feature in Imagen Editors you can modify the image with text-guided editing.

text-guided image editing (TGIE) is a practical task that involves editing generated and photographed visuals rather than completely redoing them.

Imagen Editors with text-guided editing

With this new text-guided feature users can upload the image, select the area where they want to edit the image, and select the text as they want the edit the image. In this, the editing is only done in the selected area and not implied in the other image part. You can see below the image where for editing they choose the red space suit with the white star, also include the rocket made out of cardboard, and also add the blue gaming headphones.

Imagen Editors

The company released a number of the other example in research papers though they did not release this to the public yet because of the relation to responsible AI. You can check the other examples on EditBench. This editing method is very convenient, fast editing, and more.

Lastly, this Imagen Editor’s text-to-image feature will be available to the users through Google Slides.

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