List of Android 11 Official Features

Android 11 has now officially launched by Google. The Android 11 Developer Preview program runs from February 2020 until the final public release to AOSP and OEMs, planned for Q3 2020. A key development milestone, we’ll deliver updates for your development and testing environments. Each includes SDK tools, system images, emulators, API reference, and API diffs- Google.

List of Android 11 Official Features:

  1. Linkability
  2. Support for New screens
  3. Chat bubbles
  4. Privacy
  5. Screen recording
  6. New Motion Sense gestures

Linkability: Android 11 brings a new link API to support 5G networks, so developers can take advantage of the improved speed and latency provided by 5G, such as making the app automatically provide the corresponding high-quality video when a high-quality network is detected.

Android 11 also adds a Bandwidth Estimator API that allows developers to easily determine the amount of downstream/uplink bandwidth available without the application having to query or calculate their own estimates.

Support for new screens: Android 11 has native support for these two screens, and provides APIs for digging and waterfall screens, which can be easily bypassed. Digging holes or making full use of the curved part of the waterfall screen does not require a separate setting by the users.

Hover chat bubble: Android 11 has added a floating chat bubble function. As long as the app uses a new API, it can float the ongoing conversation in the form of a bubble on the screen.

Android 11 supports pasting pictures directly into the reply of the app, reducing the need for users to cut between multiple apps. Chrome APP now Supported.

Privacy and Permissions: Android 11 adds one-time permission for location, microphone, and camera permissions. In other words, an app that has obtained one-time permission will still ask the user to obtain authorization. Android 11 will also automatically block repeated permission requests from the app. If the user clicks twice to deny authorization, the system will automatically stop asking for authorization.

Screen recording; The screencast appeared in an earlier version of Android 10 but was later deleted, but now it can be seen and used in Android 11.

New Motion Sense gesturesAndroid 11 also has an upgrade change for the Pixel 4 series, which provides new Motion Sense gestures that can pause music.

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