Apple Resolves AirPods Patent Controversy With Koss to Avoid Trial

Apple Airpots patents

As determined by Reuters, Apple strikes distress over the following cases retaliation against koss.

The companies said in a court filing Saturday and accompanied to settle a lawsuit brought by headphone maker Koss Corp over Apple’s AirPod earbuds and Beats headphones.

Apple is also being asked for the partly obliged or in confirmed words to pay the Royalty in regards to copying the patent, Koss. With the trial in the case set to begin Monday, the companies told the Waco, Texas federal court that they had resolved allegations that Apple infringed Koss’ wireless headphone patents.

Koss even yell out that Beats wireless headphones and AirPods violated a touch of patents related to wireless headphone technology, which Koss claims to have evolved.

Koss first filed the lawsuit in 2020 while it broke a 2017 confidentiality agreement that said Koss would bring no litigation against Apple the company said that Apple was aware of its patents and that they met on several occasions to discuss using them.

Apple ultimately choose not to license any Koss technology, leading Koss to appeal and demand an unspecified amount of damages for the alleged infringement. After Koss levied a lawsuit at Apple, Apple opposed it and said that the allegations were “invalid and baseless”.

As an output, the case was discharged. Both the companies, Apple and Koss were left to trial, but the companies on Saturday stated they had resolved the allegations that Apple impair Koss’ wireless audio patents.
Koss has also appeared with lawsuits from other headphone brands including Bose and Skullcandy, and those lawsuits are still pending, in sense of surrounding affairs.

Thus, Apple has all settled the Koss controversy spell it as invalid and unfounded sue disregarding allegations. So, it was the concluding line of my above article until the time I take to my next new stay tunned.

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