iOS 16 beta 4 changelogs

iOS 16 is the major release of the iOS mobile operating system developed by Apple for its iPhone category of products is the 16th generation of the operating system of Apple. Inc. The public version of iOS 16 is expected to be released in late 2022, while the public beta was released on July 11, 2022. However, Apple today sowed the fourth beta of iOS 16 to developers for testing.

As you the all aware iOS16 is currently in beta for developers and members of Apple’s free public beta testing program, and the software update will be released for all users with an iPhone 8 or newer in September. A second public beta of iOS 16 that corresponds with today’s fourth developer beta will likely be released next week.

We have run through all the new updates and enhancements placed in regards to the new beta version iOS 16 beta 4 and notified them below.

New Lock Screen Customization Interface

Apple iOS 16 beta 4 versions has been introduced with a revamped interface which Lock screen customizing are:

  • It also provides an option for colors, photos, gradients, and more at the bottom. Lock Screen’s appearance is now customizable and it can host Widgets.
  • The date is now above the time and a small widget can be added next to the date.
  •  Other widgets can be added and arranged horizontally on the third row, below the time.
  • Multiple Lock Screens can be set up.
  • The Live Wallpapers have been removed.

Bolder Music Player on Lock Screen

Apple renews the beta version with the music player on the lock screen with bolder elements. Now you may run an action of pause and resume over on-screen directly.

Lock Screen Notification Settings

In the fourth beta of iOS 16, Lock Screen notification options in the Settings app that Apple has enhanced the look. Apple now includes images that visualize the Count, Sack, and List options for how Lock Screen notifications are displayed.

  • Notifications in three different styles: count, stack, or list.
  •  Notifications can be grouped together with two fingers to reduce them to a counter.
  • Notifications can now appear from below the Lock Screen, rather than above.
  • There are new notification widgets for the lock screen that show data in real-time.
  • New notification widgets for the lock screen that show data in real-time.

New Wallpapers for CarPlay

A static version of the iOS 16 wallpaper for the iPhone is now available for CarPlay, with multi-colored, blue, and gray options to choose from.

New Time Limits for Undo Send in Mail

In the new beta version of iOS 16 beta 4 has come up with a more effective option that avails you in extraordinary. The time limit exceeded as it was 10 seconds before.

In the first three betas, the time limit for unsending an email was 10 seconds, but the fourth beta provides users with options of 10, 20, or 30 seconds.

New Wallpapers in Home App

The iOS 16 beta 4 has been confronted with a new additive in its recent arrival. Hence, It is updated with Wildflowers and Architectural wallpapers to choose from in the Home app, alongside existing wallpapers.

Live Activities API

Apple has let out ActivityKit in beta, which serves developers to begin testing the Live Activities feature on the Lock Screen in their apps on the iOS 16 beta. For now, apps that implement the feature will only be available via TestFlight.

While I am depicting with an example, a sports app might allow the user to start a Live Activity for a live sports game. In that scenario, the Live Activity would appear on the Lock Screen for the duration of the game and offer the latest updates about the game at a glance. That implies Live Activities will provide real-time glanceable information on the Lock Screen.

Apple says Live Activities will not be included in the initial publicly released version of iOS 16, with the feature to be enabled in an update later this year — perhaps iOS 16.1. At that time, apps offering Live Activities will become available in the App Store.

iMessage Edit/Undo Send Changes

While Surfing on the waves of your chatting to your important ones and very humble and others need to mind to talk and if you send something that doesn’t satisfy you, you can now tap on the small “Edited” label below an edited iMessage bubble to view the original version of the message and any other previous edits.

In addition, iMessages can now only be edited a total of five times before the “Edit” option disappears.

While there’s still a 15-minute window for editing an iMessage, Apple has reduced the time limit for unsending an iMessage to two minutes after it is delivered.

Other Changes it does

  • The number of changes due to bug fixes in iOS 16 beta 4, according to the release notes.
  • Even has to upgrade is a new “Add Widgets” prompt displayed when customizing the Lock Screen to indicate where the widgets are placed.

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