Apple recorded 248 Patents Car-Related, Since 2000

In regards to justifying Apple’s latest patent applications. The two Nikkei and Tokyo analytics companies excavated that Apple has likely to put its feet in automobile-related technologies.

It was noted that since 2000, Apple has appealed for a total of 248 automobile-related patents and even stated in the research conducted by Japanese news site Nikkei and Tokyo analytics firm Intellectual Property Landscape.

As Apple’s late co-founder Steve Jobs said, the iPhone “reinvented the phone.” Apple company appears determined┬áto transform driving in the same way by developing fully autonomous driving. This could conceivably include a virtual reality system that lets people in a car hold video conferences while cruising down the highway.

The third element of Apple’s patent strategy is revealed by a recent increase in applications involving V2X technology. Apple has a new strategy for self-driving technology, riding comfort, suspensions, navigation, battery management, vehicle-to-everything (V2X) connectivity for car-to-car communication, and more new features most of them correlated with communication and navigation, followed by autonomous driving.

The number of 2021 patents published is expected to exceed the number of patents Apple had published in 2020. Submitting a patent application takes time about 18 months to publish. So far the time Apple had a car-related patent but in an addition, patents should grant later this year.

Car-related patent filings began picking up in 2016 after fewer than 10 per year in the 2010s, with Apple filing for 44. Patent filings ticked up even further in 2017 when Apple filed for a record 66 applications.

The work on the car has caused to move so many times and there were moments when it looked like a full car was not going to happen, but in recent years, changes to the project indicate Apple is indeed pushing for some kind of electric autonomous vehicle to be released by the end of the decade. News of Apple’s work on some kind of self-driving vehicle first surfaced in 2014, and since then, we’ve heard regular rumors about Apple’s progress.

The upcoming rumors show that Apple has ambitious plans for its self-driving vehicle, with the objective of changing the car field the way the iPhone changed the smartphone market. Apple is exploring a design with four seats that face inward, with no steering wheel or brake pedal.

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