Xiaomi Mi 11’s first night scene video reveal

Xiaomi has officially announced that Xiaomi’s new high-end work, Xiaomi 11 will be officially released on December 28. The Xiaomi Mi 11 mobile phone has been launched on JD.com, and an appointment has been opened. The price will be announced on December 28.

Xiaomi mobile phone officially announced, the world premiere! Xiaomi Mi 11 is the first to carry Snapdragon 888. In addition to performance, Xiaomi mobile phone said that Xiaomi Mi 11 will support computational photography, bringing new breakthroughs in high-end imaging. Computational Photography uses artificial intelligence to break through the physical limitations of optics, uses powerful computing power to create a brand new visual imagination, and uses deep learning to surpass the details visible to the human eye.

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On December 24, Xiaomi announced the warm-up video of Xiaomi Mi 11 camera photography and now the official announcement of the first night scene video sample shot by Xiaomi Mi 11. Mi 11 incorporates new computing photography technology to light up happy moments and present them in a dynamic way.

According to previously revealed news, the Mi 11 series will include at least two versions of Mi 11 and Mi 11 Pro and will continue to adopt the full-screen solution with digging holes. Mi 11 is a hyperboloid screen, and Mi 11 Pro is a 2K quad-curved screen. Support 120Hz refresh rate, support native 10bit color depth display.

Judging from the real camera photos of Mi 11 on the Internet, the Mi 11 basic version uses a blue gradient back shell, and the rear camera layout is a square design with two large sensors and a small sensor above the LED light.

In other respects, Mi 11 uses a small square matrix 2+1 three-camera design, and Mi 11 Pro is expected to adopt a horizontal matrix camera design. In addition, Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro is expected to support 100W super-fast charging, referring to the previous specifications of Mi 10 Extreme Edition, it is expected that Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro will also be 120W fast charging.

The performance of Mi 11, the machine has appeared on Geekbench before, equipped with the Snapdragon 888 chip announced by Qualcomm this month, has 12GB of storage, runs Android 11, single-core 1135 points, multi-core 3790 points, performance Meet Qualcomm official standards.

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