Xiaomi launches super waterproof mouse pad

After the Xiaomi super-large, double-material mouse pad for 49 yuan (USD 7.50) was put on the shelves, Xiaomi Mall has put on a lower price “positive energy” super-large waterproof mouse pad, priced at 39 yuan (USD 5.97).

The “Positive Energy” model of Xiaomi’s ultra-large waterproof mouse pad is printed with the slogan “Always believe that beautiful things are about to happen”, and the size is 800mm*400mm. This mouse pad is made of delicate surface fabric, with upgraded functions, water repellent level 4-5, and the official said that the surface water drops can easily shake off.

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The Xiaomi Super Waterproof Mouse Pad adopts a combination of natural rubber and textile cloth as a whole, which has the characteristics of being bent and not easily deformed. In contrast, the long front of the Xiaomi super large double-material mouse pad that has been put on the shelf is made of PU material, with a splash resistance level of 3, and the back is made of European natural oak bark.

Both the Xiaomi Super Double Material Mouse Pad and the Xiaomi Super Waterproof Mouse Pad have been put on the Xiaomi store.

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