Mi 11 vs Mi 10: How fast can 103GB data change

Xiaomi Mi 11 has been officially released, equipped with Snapdragon 888, and supports computational photography. Xiaomi also released the MIUI 12.5 system. Mi 11 is equipped with a 2K 120Hz four-curved flexible screen, Harman Kardon stereo, and a 100MP movie camera.

Today, Xiaomi mobile phone released a new test video, Xiaomi 11 supports Wi-Fi 6 enhanced version, the new 4K QAM and 160MHz bandwidth greatly increase the transmission speed. This is by far the fastest WiFi for Xiaomi. How fast can it be used to perform a one-key exchange?

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In the video, 103GB of data is selected for migration between Xiaomi 11 and Xiaomi 11, and between Xiaomi 10 and Xiaomi 10. The result shows that it takes 11 minutes and 16 seconds to switch between Xiaomi 11, and it takes time to switch between Xiaomi 10. 18 minutes and 42 seconds. However, the Xiaomi mobile phone here does not show the data transmission speed when mi 10 is migrated to Xiaomi 11 mobile phone.

Check The Mi 11 VS Mi 10 Video

Xiaomi Mi 11 is equipped with an enhanced version of WiFi 6, which is twice the bandwidth of the previous generation, reaching 160MHz bandwidth, increasing the transmission information density by 20%, and the final network speed is 2.1 times faster, up to 3.5Gbps. Supports 4K QAM encoding for the first time.

Xiaomi Mi 11 is first launched with Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 888 chip. Snapdragon 888 uses a 5nm processor. Compared with the previous generation Snapdragon 865 processor, the overall CPU performance is increased by 25% and power consumption is reduced by 25%. GPU performance is improved by 35% and power consumption is reduced by 20%.

In addition, Xiaomi Mi 11 uses a 100MP main camera with a 13MP ultra-wide-angle lens and a 5MP telephoto macro lens. The front lens of the mobile phone is 20MP and supports large wide-angle panoramic group photo mode.

In other respects, Xiaomi Mi 11 is equipped with a 4600mAh battery that supports 55W wired fast charging, 50W wireless fast charging and 10W reverse charging. It also uses X-axis linear motors and Harman Kardon tuning dual speakers, supporting multi-function NFC and infrared remote control.

The Mi 11 mobile phone has a thickness of 8.06mm and a weight of 196g. It has delicate frosted glass and a new camera layout design. In addition, it also brings a Tech & Fashion plain leather model, which gives you a soft touch. Mi 11 mobile phones also include white, black, blue, and smoky purple (plain leather).

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