Android 11 is here, OnePlus 7/Pro Hydrogen OS 11 public beta release

On the evening of January 16/2021, OnePlus officially released the [Android 11 public beta] Hydrogen OS for the OnePlus 7 series. OnePlus 7/Pro Hydrogen OS 11 public beta version was pushed, bringing the bottom layer of the Android 11 system.

OnePlus said that the public beta version of the OnePlus 7 series has been officially released, and users can download the installation package for an early adopter experience. The version will be gradually pushed to users who have previously installed the public beta version. Please note that this is a public beta version, and system stability and power consumption may have certain potential risks. It is recommended to back up important data before updating.

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The users of the OnePlus 7 series can check the complete changelog which is mention below as well as check the update method and tips.

OnePlus 7 Series Changelog:


  • Update to the deeply customized hydrogen OS 11 system based on Android 11.
  • Renew UI visual design, optimize many details, bring more comfortable visual perception.
  • Optimize the stability of some third-party applications to improve user experience.


  • The new version of the camera UI interface optimizes some functional paths and makes the operation more convenient.
  • Added HEVC high-efficiency video storage format, lossless image quality reduces video storage volume.
  • Added a preview of the shooting interface to support long-press one-click sharing, direct access to the application you need to share.
  • Newly added press the capture button to start fast recording, and support sliding this button to zoom and lock quickly during shooting, easy recording without restriction.
  • Time-lapse shooting adds a new display of playing time, intuitively grasp the actual content time.

Information screen display

  • Newly added “Time” screen display customized style, which is jointly designed with students of Parsons School of Design, and it changes constantly according to the data of mobile phone use time (Setting path: Settings-Personalization-Clock style).
  • Newly added shadow painting function, which can automatically draw your lock screen photo into a dedicated wireframe (path: settings-personalization-wallpaper-shadow painting-select photo preview to quickly generate).

Dark mode

  • Add shortcut switch for dark mode, pull down the shortcut setting to open.
  • The dark mode supports the setting of automatic opening and time period (setting path: setting-display-dark mode-automatic opening-according to sunset and sunrise/custom time opening).

Negative one screen

  • With the new negative one-screen interface design, the layout of the section is clear at a glance.
  • Add weather widget, animation effect is smarter.


  • Intelligent one-week review function, can intelligently generate videos according to the material situation, and keep good memories.
  • Optimize the loading speed of the gallery, and the image preview is faster.
Update method
Please make a backup of important data before updating, please refer to [Backup Suggestion]
From the stable version of OnePlus7/7Pro to the public beta tutorial:
  • 1. Download the OnePlu 7/7Pro public beta ROM upgrade compression package from the specified address
  • OnePlus7 point me to download the latest public beta system
  • OnePlus7Pro click me to download the latest public beta system
  • 2. Copy the ROM upgrade compressed package to the root directory of the phone                           
  • 3. Settings -> System -> System Upgrade -> Gear in the upper right corner -> Local Upgrade -> Click on the corresponding installation package -> Upgrade now -> System upgrade completed
  • 4. Choose to restart (or press the power button to restart)
  • 5. Successfully upgraded the public beta

Backup suggestion

Before the version is updated, it is recommended to back up important phone data to the cloud or other storage devices.
  • If you use OnePlus Moving to back up data, the recommended operation path is:
  • 1. Select OnePlus Moving -> Backup and Restore -> New Backup -> Backup Complete;
  • 2. Connect your phone to the computer -> Enter the phone folder -> Internal storage space -> Copy the backup folder -> Copy and save the folder to a computer or other storage device;
  • 3. After updating the version, copy the backup folder back to the phone root directory -> OnePlus Move -> Backup and Recovery -> Recovery Just makes a backup.


  • Please note that this is a public beta version, and system stability may have certain potential risks. It is recommended to back up important data before updating. For details, please refer to [Backup Recommendations].
  • After upgrading to the public beta version, you will receive the upgrade push of the subsequent public beta version, but will not receive the upgrade push of the stable version.
  • Some functions of Hydrogen OS 11 will be launched in subsequent versions. Please pay attention to the community update announcement.
  • I will give feedback on any issues about the system version (please select feedback on the suggestion feedback-select bug/fault type feedback on the App side of OnePlus Community). Thank you for actively participating in the public beta and giving feedback and suggestions to help us continue to optimize the system!

Note: Before upgrading to the latest version make sure your smartphone is connected with a proper internet connection, we recommend you to download it over WIFI so that you will not face any error.

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