Huawei showcases ray tracing rendering technology

A few days ago, Huawei released a video at station B, demonstrating the ray tracing rendering technology (Ray Tracing), which claims to open up the endless possibilities of mobile game picture quality.

Huawei stated that just the source of vision is also an important direction for future graphics. Tianyu mobile game integrates HMS Core Scene Kit, breaking through the limitations of real-time ray tracing technology on mobile platforms, achieving 60fps, 1080p High frame rate, high image quality performance.

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With the support of ray tracing technology, the reflection of characters on irregular surfaces such as curved glass and marble columns can be made more realistic and moving.

In October last year, Huawei Phoenix Engine experts delivered a speech on “Huawei Phoenix Engine-Graphic Technology Evolution Trend” in Chinagraph2020. Demonstrated the real-time ray tracing and other key technologies of Huawei Phoenix Engine to scholars and guests on-site.

According to Huawei, the Huawei Phoenix Engine includes core modules such as rendering engine, material system, animation engine, physics engine, post-processing system, GT graphics acceleration layer, etc. It provides high performance, low power consumption, and low power consumption for general 3D applications and games through HMS Core Scene Kit.

High-quality graphics experience. The ray-tracing technology of Huawei Phoenix Engine revolves around high-realistic rendering, achieving technological breakthroughs in the field of offline and real-time rendering.

Before that, Huawei had stated that the Phoenix Engine Ray Shop is the industry’s advanced mobile light-tracking hybrid rendering pipeline, which is widely used in games and other 3D applications to improve picture quality.

Easy SuperSamping is a mobile graphics super-resolution, does not rely on AI, and achieves native resolution image quality with low power consumption. Deferred is a new generation of the mobile terminal rear pipeline, supporting a lot of light sources and materials with low power consumption.

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