A large number of hands-on images of OnePlus 9 Pro are revealed

Some time ago, there was news that the OnePlus 9 series will jointly develop a camera solution with Leica Camera to enhance the imaging effect of mobile phone photography.

But then there was a rumor that Huawei was still Leica’s “exclusive” partner in mobile phones, which also showed that the collaboration of OnePlus 9 with Leica was in vain. However, OnePlus has not given up its cooperation with top camera manufacturers.

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This morning, there are users revealed a set of spy photos live images of the OnePlus 9 Pro, showing the device’s overall design, which “HASSELBLAD (Hasselblad)” logo on the back is a very attractive camera module, which also indicates that the OnePlus will join hands with the century-old Hasselblad Camera to create a mobile imaging system.

It is understood that the Hasselblad camera was born in 1941 and has a history of up to 80 years since it was invested. It was originally a manufacturer of military cameras for one plus, and it also followed Neil Armstrong in addition to a major in human history. Step took the first moon landing photo in human history.

Hasselblad has been deeply involved in medium format cameras for many years, creating a huge and complete medium format camera system. It has accumulated many years of technology in the camera field and has the ultimate pursuit of imaging. This cooperation with OnePlus is bound to be OnePlus The 9 series camera system brings new breakthroughs.

The OnePlus 9 series will also provide users with better photo effects. OnePlus founder and CEO Liu Zuohu once revealed: “This year we will invest huge resources in cameras and strive to become the world’s first image function”.

As for other aspects, it can be seen from the real shots of the OnePlus 9 Pro developing device that the front of the device still continues the curved hole design of the previous generation, while also supporting the 120Hz high refresh rate.

The OnePlus 9 Pro body still adopts the front and rear hyperboloid design, which can provide an excellent hand feel. At the same time, the OnePlus unique three-stage mute button is retained above the power button on the right side of the body, which can provide a fast scene switching function. This is also the unique feature of the Android camp.

On the whole, the real OnePlus 9 Pro still maintains the consistent high-quality design of the OnePlus mobile phone. The overall texture is very good, and the rear camera module blessed by HASSELBLAD looks very stylish, with top hardware configurations such as Snapdragon 888. , Will provide users with an excellent experience, which is worth looking forward to.

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