Chrome new malicious plug-in leaked, steal user data from a security company

Croatian security researcher Bojan Zdrnja said on Thursday that he recently discovered a new malicious Chrome extension that abuses the Chrome sync function and uses it to communicate with a remote command and control (C&C) server And then steal data from the infected browser.

Zdrnja said that the extension is a security plug-in from the security company Forcepoint, which contains malicious code that abuses the Chrome synchronization feature, allowing attackers to control the infected browser.

The Chrome sync function is a useful feature of the Chrome browser. It can store a copy of the user’s Chrome bookmarks, browsing history, passwords, and extension settings on Google’s cloud server.

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Zdrnja said that the malicious code found in the extension showed that an attacker could use a malicious add-on to create a text-based field to store the token key, and then synchronize it to Google cloud servers as part of the synchronization function.

In this way, the extension can be used as a penetration channel for attacking the corporate internal network from the browser side.

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