A new bug was detected in the latest update of macOS Big Sur

Apple’s macOS Big Sur was officially released in November 2020. It has been updated frequently recently. Currently, the 11.3 public beta has been pushed. However, according to a foreign media Mr.

Macintosh message, many users reported that their MacBook notebook had problems after updating the system, and it would get stuck indefinitely during the update, or the recovery interface prompts “No bootable disk available”.

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Foreign media experiments found that although Apple officially stated that the update requires 35.5GB of remaining space, the system update can still be performed when the computer hard disk space is insufficient, which will cause the hard disk data to be damaged and the computer cannot start.

This failure occurred in macOS Big Sur 11.2 and 11.3 beta. If you update the system when the space is insufficient, the computer will become unresponsive, resulting in permanent data loss.

If the user’s data has been damaged, a second Mac is needed for data recovery, but if the user enables FileVault file encryption, data recovery will be very difficult.

The size of the macOS Big Sur system installation package is about 13GB, but for safety, users need to ensure that after downloading the installation package, there is still 35.5GB of free space on the disk. As of press time, Apple has not yet responded to this bug.

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