Android 12 is expected to support the screen to rotate with the face

Android 12 will be officially released in the second half of 2021, and some new features have been gradually revealed recently. According to foreign media TomsGuide, Android 12 will solve a long-standing screen rotation problem that has plagued users. It can detect the direction of the face to automatically rotate the screen. But this feature will initially be exclusively for Google’s son Pixel phone.

When the screen rotation mode of the current mobile phone is turned on, the mobile phone will use the gravity sensor to automatically adjust the screen to facilitate automatic rotation when reading or watching videos on the horizontal screen. However, once the user lies on the bed and plays with the phone, the automatic rotation function will be very inconvenient, because the user’s head is at a 90-degree angle to the ground, and the phone screen is always crooked.

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In addition, when using the mobile phone on the side, even if you use games and video applications that only support horizontal screens, the mobile phone will occasionally fail and the screen will occasionally rotate 180°. This requires the user to manually turn off the automatic screen rotation function, and then lie down and use the phone.

Foreign media 9to5Google reported that the new feature of Android 12 will detect the direction of the user’s head and then rotate the screen based on this. This does not need to rely on the gravity sensor, and the screen rotation direction can be kept consistent with the user’s expectations at any time.

This feature is implemented using the front camera of the mobile phone. Google Pixel 4 also used proactive facial recognition to unlock the phone, but Pixel 5 cancelled this feature. If you want to use the proactive camera to assist the screen rotation, you need to solve the power consumption problem or rely on other sensors to help achieve this function.

According to 9to5Google news, the automatic screen rotation feature that detects human faces will be launched on Pixel phones, but it also supports other Android phones. Previously, the double-tap screen gesture function was also leaked in the Android 11 preview, but it was not officially released.

According to the news, Android 12 is expected to officially support the double-tap gesture function. Google officially did not disclose too much about the new features of Android 12. Before the official version is released, developers can get a preview of Android 12, and it is expected to learn about the latest developments of Android 12.

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