Check the latest render of iPhone 13 Pro

According to the latest news, this year’s Apple iPhone will be held as scheduled in September and will not be postponed as last year. Like the iPhone 12 series, the latest 13 series will still have 4 new models, followed by the iPhone 13 mini, IPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Thanks to the excellent performance of the iPhone 12 Pro series, Apple will focus on the improvement of the iPhone 13 Pro series this year. However, it will not bring too many changes in the hardware structure of the case, just change some details.

At present, foreign media have revealed the rendering of the device, which is very close to the device. The front of the iPhone 13 Pro still uses the notch solution. Although the area of ​​the notch is significantly smaller, it still does not adopt a full-screen solution. Apple has equipped it D-ToF (Direct ToF) technology replaces the existing Face ID components.

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The back design of the iPhone 13 Pro has also changed. The rear three-camera module adopts an integrated design, and the overall blackening process is also carried out, which makes the previous 11th and 12th generations proved to dust and difficult to clean. The problem is solved, but the whole piece of glass covers the camera, hopefully, it will not become a fingerprint collector.

The charging interface at the bottom of the iPhone 13 Pro is completely flattened, leaving only the Mic and speaker openings. Perhaps this is another industry-leading design. The current wireless charging power is sufficient for heavy daily use.

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