Redmi K40 has dual Hi-Res small gold certification and pricing leaked

Redmi Redmi K40 series mobile phones are about to be released. Recently, Redmi’s official Weibo has revealed a series of configuration information for the new mobile phones to warm up. Redmi K40 series have Dolby Atmos certification, which can eliminate crosstalk and simulate spatial surround sound effects.

Today, Redmi released a poster indicating that the K40 series phones have obtained Hi-Res high-resolution audio quality certification and Hi-Res high-resolution wireless audio certification. Officially, the K40 dual flagships will have a higher audio resolution, greater dynamic range, and greater frequency response.

According to the latest information, Hi-Res certification is commonly found in HiFi headsets and music players DAP. This standard was initiated by Sony and was jointly recognized by the Japan Audio Association, Consumer Technology Association (CTA), Digital Entertainment Group (DEG), and major record companies and recording companies.

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The standard stipulates that the indicators of audio files need to exceed CD sound quality, such as 24bit/192kHz; the parameters of audio playback devices also need to meet certain requirements.

At present, Hi-Res certification is issued by the Japan Audio Association JAS, and the device needs to support LDAC or LHDC protocol to obtain the small gold standard of Hi-Res wireless audio. The official Hi-Res certification website that Xiaomi’s two models code-named K11 and K11A was certified in January 2021.

According to previous news, these two models are the Redmi K40 series. The series will include two models, each equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 and Snapdragon 888 processors, and all systems support a 120Hz high refresh rate.

According to Xiaomi’s Telegram Channel, the price tag of this lineup has leaked which is Redmi K40 6GB and 128GB variant comes with the USD 339 and the Redmi K40 Pro 6GB and 128GB has come at the price of USD 493.

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