The number of players in Stadia cloud games is hundreds of thousands less than Google’s expected goal

According to Bloomberg News quoted two people familiar with the matter, Stadia’s handle sales and monthly active users were hundreds of thousands less than Google’s expected target, but this estimate did not specify the start and end time.

Bloomberg said that due to the confusion when Stadia was released, the platform could only be bundled with Stadia Premiere Edition through Chrome or Chromecast Ultras at the time, and it lacked many features.

According to reports, some Stadia developers suggested delaying the launch or making Stadia a beta product from the beginning, but this idea was resisted by Google Vice President Phil Harrison and other project executives.

Stadia is a cloud gaming platform launched by Google. Players can play 3A masterpieces without installation and download. On February 2, Google Stadia closed its first-party game development studio Stadia Games & Entertainment.

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The task of this game studio is to produce exclusive works for Stadia cloud gaming services. The reason for the closure seems to be Stadia’s slow development momentum.

Google has never disclosed Stadia’s sales data or the number of active players, but it is certain that the number of players is significantly smaller than other gaming platforms.

However, just a few days after Stadia announced that it would stop the production of first-party game development, they confirmed on their blog the news that games such as “FIFA21”, “Judgement Eye: Last Words of Reaper” will land on Stadia.

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