PS5 controller fixed the input delay problem of PS4 controller

According to reports, the PS5 controller fixes the input delay problem of the PS4 controller. User dospaquetes on the Reddit forum said in a post that the PS4 controller input has a delay problem. The wired situation is more serious than the wireless situation, and the PS5’s DualSense successfully solved this problem.

Some players have tested “Astro’s Playroom”, “Marvel Spider-Man”, “Call of Duty 17” and “Rocket League” on PS5 and said that using the PS5 controller in wired or wireless mode did not experience any significant delay.

Maybe many players don’t care about the delayed output of the PS4 controller, but for competitive games, the delayed output of the game is a very headache. Through the improvement of DualSense, players do not have to worry about delays, especially for those who participate in large-scale competitions.

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Input delay refers to the time difference between the player performing the operation and the game character performing this action. If the delay time is too long, it may affect the player’s subsequent operations, especially in online multiplayer competitive games. However, DualSense also has some problems, such as the turbulent drift problem some time ago.

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