Chromebook will get new features: Optimize Android application running experience

As early as 2016, Apple introduced support for Android applications for Chromebooks, but there are still many shortcomings in the actual experience. Fortunately, Google continues to improve the way Chrome OS handles Android applications, making the experience feel more refined.

Citing foreign media ChromeUnboxed reports, Google is developing a new feature that can lock zoom for Android apps on Chromebook devices. At present, the experimental feature has been launched in the Canary channel version. The description is that those Android applications that are not optimized for large screens enable compatibility mode and restrict the size adjustment of these applications.

After this feature is enabled, Android applications that do not support large-screen formats will lose the ability to resize on the Chromebook, and the maximum and minimize buttons will also be removed. You also cannot move these apps to the edge of the screen. ChromeUnboxed highlights an example where YouTube Music and Instagram will be opened side by side.

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It is reported that this feature solves the problems that Chrome OS has faced for some time. The application’s window resizing is not always effective, causing the experience to feel unfinished in the best case, and broken in the worst case.

It would be great to see that every Android application can be beautifully scaled to a larger display, but that is not the case at all. Google doesn’t seem to provide users with a working thing but instead controls it by restricting the resizing of apps that don’t support it.

It is unclear when the resizing lock feature will become a native part of Chrome OS. Currently, it can be enabled with a flag and is currently only available in the Chrome OS Canary channel version.

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