Samsung releases mid-band 5G technology which can double the bandwidth to 400MHz

According to Sammobile, Samsung released a new broadband 5G technology on April 2, which can increase the communication bandwidth of 5G networks and help operators build cost-effective and more flexible 5G. The internet. This technology increases the available bandwidth of the previous mid-band from 200MHz to 400MHz.

Samsung said that with the increase in bandwidth, operators can maximize the use of existing mid-band signals, using less hardware to achieve the same effect and higher efficiency. This technology also helps network operators use the ability of non-contiguous frequency bands, and can also help solve the interference problem of shared frequency bands between different operators. Samsung’s technology is expected to come out in early 2022 to help operators build 5G networks.

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Dong Geun Lee, vice president of Samsung Electronics’ network business, said, “We are very pleased to be able to develop this new solution to improve the efficiency of operators and reduce costs with as few hardware updates as possible. Through our industry-leading capabilities, we very happy to continue to provide innovative 5G solutions to bring benefits to customers such as operators.” Samsung not only produces chips, mobile phones, and other products, but also develops in the field of wireless communications, radio frequency chips, and 5G vRAN.

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