Check the new changes in Windows 10 taskbar menu

Microsoft’s next major Windows update feature 10 will be sometime in October or November this year, the arrival of the spring update will not have any significant changes to the operating system, But there will still be some minor experience updates.

In the latest Windows 10 Dev, Microsoft has brought some new improvements to the taskbar menu. The first improvement is that when the user right-clicks on a program that can view “recent files” such as Notepad and continues to right-click on a file, the user can directly open the location of the file.

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The second improvement is that Microsoft has reduced some of the “hide” features in the taskbar menu and moved them to the “settings”, such as “hide task view”, “hide touch keyboard buttons”, “hide Windows Ink workspace”, “Hidden Search”.

The second improvement may cause trouble to some inactive users because inactive users cannot modify the personalized options in “Settings”, so they cannot hide touch keyboard buttons, search, etc. At present, these two improvements are only available to some users of Windows Insider and are expected to be implemented for all users after the “Sun Valley” update.

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