Meizu invites iPhone users to try Meizu 18 small screen flagship for free

Recently, Meizu launched the “iPhone for 18” event, which means that the iPhone is traded in for the Meizu 18. During the event, you can receive a special subsidy of up to 4,000 yuan for the iPhone to trade-in. Meizu Technology announced today that it sincerely invites iPhone users to feel the safe and pure Meizu 18 flagship with a small screen and full blood for 0 yuan.

Meizu said that if you are an iPhone user and have a unique preference for small screen flagships, you also attach great importance to personal privacy and security. Participate in the 0 yuan trial activity and look forward to bringing you light and safe experience.

Recruitment requirements: iPhone users who have never used Meizu phones, have a unique preference for small-screen flagship phones and pay more attention to personal privacy and security. Meizu officials stated during the promotion of this event that Meizu 18 “focuses on security and privacy protection just like the iPhone” and has “the same pure and comfortable experience as the iPhone”.

Among the new users who purchased Meizu 18, 45% were Apple iPhone users. It is worth mentioning that the Meizu 18 series is known as the “three zero mobile phones”, with 0 advertisements, 0 pre-installed third-party applications, and 0 operation pushes.

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Meizu 18 Pro is equipped with Snapdragon 888 chip, full blood LPDDR5, UFS3.1 storage, and uses a 6.7-inch Samsung E4 2K+/120Hz flexible screen, and the touch sampling rate can reach 240Hz. Support dynamic refresh rate adjustment, pass HDR10+ certification, 1300nit peak brightness, 4096-level brightness adjustment, 100% DCI-P3 high color gamut, SGS low blue light eye protection certification.

Meizu 18 Pro runs the Flyme 9 safe and pure system “0 wide, 0 push, 0 pre-installed”, and has the four magic weapons of privacy protection “guardian scepter, all-seeing eagle eye, invisible boots, and privacy cloak”. AR full scene master imaging system, rear four cameras, support deep focus, front 44 million pixel lens.

In other respects, Meizu 18 Pro adopts an eight-curved micro-arc design, uses a Qualcomm ultrasonic screen fingerprint, supports OneMind 5.0, has a fourth-generation “dual” ultra-linear speaker, upgraded mEngine 4.0 tactile engine, and uses a large VC liquid cooling design with built-in The 4500mAh battery has a long battery life, both wired and wireless are 40W, weighs 189g, and is 8.1mm thick. The price starts at 4999 yuan.

Meizu 18 weighs only 162g, has a 6.2-inch thin body, and is equipped with the Snapdragon 888 platform. It claims to be the flagship with a small screen; it adopts a 2K+/120Hz flexible screen; it has a built-in 4000mAh super-capacity battery, which has the strongest battery life in the same size of the small screen; it has 6400W full scene Anti-shake image system; running Flyme 9 safe and pure system; four magic weapons for privacy protection.

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