46% people’s want Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) as a President

Dwayne Johnson posted a message on social platforms in response to public opinion surveys related to him. According to a poll conducted by Newsweek, 46% of respondents support Dawn Johnson’s running for the future president of the United States, and the practitioner of the American Dream did not reject this: “The founders may not have thought about it. There will be a black-samoan half-samoan with a height of 195 meters and a tattooed bald head who likes tequila and a pickup with a purse and a pickup. If it comes true, it will be my honor to serve the public”.

The comedian, who has not yet been among the leaders of the country but topped the ranks of Hollywood’s first-line actor, wrote that he was converted from a wrestling star to an action movie actor. Johnson did not hide his interest in running for president. As early as 2017, in an interview with the men’s magazine “GQ”, he publicly stated that there is a “realistic possibility” for getting involved in politics.

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At that time, candidates from both parties were fighting for the support of Dashi Johnson, but he declined the invitation of both parties. Johnson knew his appeal, and he didn’t want to be used by any party. The actor who is closest to the political path chosen by Johnson and You is undoubtedly Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger; Reagan is also an actor, but he is not as successful as the two, so he gave up his hopeless acting career early to become an actor. The chairman of the trade union is actually in politics.


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