The Windows 10 update KB5001330 causes the game frame rate to drop

Every time Microsoft pushes the cumulative update for Windows 10, it has to bring some free bugs, which will cause a small freeze and a blue screen. Normally, you can temporarily uninstall the patch to eliminate newly generated bugs, or you can wait for the next update. Microsoft’s KB5001330 released on Tuesday seems to have some minor problems. Although this update provides security fixes, it will also make some gamers desperate.

For example, some players on Reddit reported that the KB5001330 update caused the frame rate of some games to drop, and they only need to uninstall the patch to return to normal. From their feedback, this seems to be related to the “vertical sync” setting.

One user said:

Microsoft forced the installation of the April update, but it has the same bugs as an optional update in the past. When I play a game, I will suddenly get one card at a time. The fps is very unstable, and sync sometimes fails. If it is inconsistent with my screen when sync is enabled, the game fps will become very unstable. After uninstalling the update, everything is back to normal.

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The other said:

Yes, my RTX 3070 and R5 3600 encountered the same situation. This kind of bug appears every time Windows is updated. Although it can usually be solved by reinstalling the update multiple times, reinstalling the graphics card driver multiple times, or reinstalling the anti-virus software multiple times, but… Well, my time is spent using Windows 10 seriously.

Edit: In the end, you only need to uninstall the update completely. Every time I try to reinstall it, it will get stuck, so I think this is just an update problem, not a driver or operating system damage.

It seems that the easiest solution is definitely to uninstall the update. You can uninstall it on the “Settings”> “Update and Security”> “View Update History” page. But IT House should remind that KB5001330 fixes some zero-day vulnerabilities, so uninstalling this update will increase the risk. In addition, some members of the Microsoft community said that their KB5001330 could not be installed at all, with error code 0x800f0984. Some people said they encountered another bug, code 0x800f081f.

Some users reported that they encountered another serious problem. After installing the update, they found that bootloop would prompt 0xc000021a with a blue screen of death. There are also issues such as screen flickering when some users adjust the size of the Chrome or Edge window.

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