iPhone 12 contributes 61% of Apple’s smartphone sales in the US, iPhone 11 is still 1st

According to the latest research data from CIRP, in terms of overall iPhone sales in the second quarter of 2021, the iPhone 12 series is booming to occupy the US market. This data was released a few days before Apple’s expected second-quarter financial earnings. Among all new models, the 6.1-inch iPhone 12 is the most popular, followed by iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 12 Pro.

Once again, the iPhone 12 mini eventually became the most unpopular model, showing that compact size phones are not popular in the United States. This may be one of the reasons why Apple is not expected to release a mini version next year. Even the lower-priced iPhone SE and iPhone XR will surpass the iPhone 12 mini in 2020.

In the first full quarter, we now see how consumers like the full-size iPhone 12, 12 Pro models and the traditional iPhone 11 and choose to avoid the iPhone mini and SE. iPhone 12 models, including basic Models, Pro and Pro Max models all have a good share, and the distribution between them is relatively even, including the most expensive iPhone 12 Pro Max, which has 20% of sales.

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This is better than the performance of the iPhone 11 Pro Max a year ago. Improved, it accounted for 13% of sales at the time. Despite this, the iPhone 11 is actually the largest share of all single models, which shows that consumers think its price point and form factor are attractive. iPhone 12 mini and SE It has the smallest share of all models, and the share of both has declined compared to the December 2020 quarter.

What’s interesting and impressive about this data is that even though the iPhone 11 was released in 2019, it still sells well. According to CIRP statistics, it was the most popular model in the second quarter, gaining a 24% market share. A previous report stated that the iPhone 11 and the 2020 iPhone SE are the two most popular smartphones in 2020.

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