The next iOS 14.5 update will introduce a stricter App privacy tracking protection policy

iPhone and iPad users are about to usher in the iOS 14.5 software update, but everyone’s actual feelings may not be strong, because Apple has mainly implemented changes in its privacy policy to prevent data tracking that many people have not paid attention to. First of all, iOS 14.5 adopted a clearer activity tracking management program. When opening the App for the first time, iOS 14.5 will pop up a prompt message. If the live tracker is embedded in the App, you must apply to the user for the corresponding permission.

Obviously, the new policy will have the greatest impact on advertising giants such as Facebook and Google. Previously, Facebook had long opposed Apple’s implementation of the privacy policy of permissions granted to each App. At the same time, Google is also actively trying to circumvent relevant restrictions. As for which developers will continue to use the activity tracking embedded in the App, it must be a very interesting thing.

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Because many App developers in the industry have become accustomed to allowing such tracking and almost never inform users, and then benefit from obtaining user information to place targeted advertisements. But after the new privacy permission policy of iOS 14.5 (starting next week) is promoted, many users may see a large number of pop-up requests for “grant authorization”.

At that time, users can move to the “Settings -> General -> Software Update” page of the iPhone or iPad to find out if there is an iOS system update available.

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