Microsoft will allow PWA application developers to modify the window title bar

In March, MSPU reported on a Microsoft plan to allow developers to modify the window title bar of Progressive Web Applications (PWA) to better distinguish them from regular applications. Now, Microsoft and the Chromium team have confirmed the existence of this project through an article was written on the website.

The so-called title bar refers specifically to this part of the area on the left and right sides of window controls (maximize/minimize/close buttons). Under normal circumstances, developers will display the title of the application here.

By replacing the existing full-width title bar with a small overlay with window controls, developers can make Progressive Web Applications (PWA) feel more like traditional applications. At the same time, developers can also place custom content in the title bar area previously controlled by the browser.

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After the official announcement, the new window control layout (Window Controls Overlay) will start trials from Chrome 92, and it is expected that the final plan will be finalized in Chrome 94 (around July 2021). The current style is not as fancy as the first example, but there is obviously a lot of room for developers. Interested friends can experience Windows Controls Overlay through the following methods:

  • Go to chrome://flags
  • Enable #enable-desktop-pwas-window-controls-overlay tag
  • Restart Chrome browser

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