Some users cannot use the App Tracking Transparency feature after upgrading to iOS 14.5

According to the 9to5mac reports, Apple today finally provides users with a new application transparent tracking function, which is part of the newly released iOS 14.5. The new feature will allow users to choose not to be tracked by third-party apps, but for some users, this switch is grayed out even after installing iOS 14.5, which makes people confused about how the new feature works.

It stands to reason that this feature will be enabled by default after the system is upgraded, but many users have not been adjusted accordingly after installing iOS 14.5. Many people have reported on Twitter and other social networks that this option is disabled and uncontrollable. 9to5mac said that this behavior seems to be related to the “personalized advertising” option, which can also be found in the privacy settings.

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When users enable this option before updating their iPhone or iPad to iOS 14.5, the new “App Tracking Transparency” setting will be available. However, on devices that turned off the “Personalized Ads” option, the control turned gray after the update. It is unclear whether this is expected behavior or a loophole.

According to a source familiar with the situation at 9to5Mac, if the user’s age registered on the Apple ID is less than 18 or the MDM profile restricts the setting of “Allow Application Request Tracking”, then the tracking option should be grayed out by default. If you have updated to iOS 14.5 and you see the gray “tracking”, then there is nothing the user can do at the moment.


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