Windows 10 Sun Valley update will add AAC encoding support

Microsoft’s next major Windows 10 update (Sun Valley) to be launched later this year will include some important audio improvements, specifically, it will support Bluetooth Advanced Audio Coding (AAC ), the current beta preview version Build 21370 has provided this feature.

For a long time, Windows only supports Bluetooth SBC and AptX. Supporting AAC will provide AirPods, iTunes and Apple Music users with better audio quality. AAC is the abbreviation of Advanced Audio Codec. It is a lossy codec that can provide high-quality audio streams in smaller files and is very suitable for listening to music online.

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Microsoft will also improve the way users select Bluetooth input in Windows 10. Over the years, Windows has provided multiple Bluetooth profiles for headsets and speakers, which makes some applications think that there are multiple devices.

Windows will soon use only one audio endpoint and automatically switch to the correct Bluetooth profile based on whether the user is listening to music or answering a phone call. The Windows 10 Sun Valley update will also include the Xbox Auto HDR feature for PC games, a new file explorer icon, and even provide developers with Linux GUI applications.

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