Google plans to introduce privacy tags for Android in 2022

Apple officially launched the privacy label feature in iOS 14.5, allowing users to manually restrict apps from obtaining private data and forcing pop-ups. Google plans to follow in Apple’s footsteps and launch a similar privacy label function for the Play Store, its own app store on the Android platform.

In the Android Developer Blog, Google announced that it will launch a new feature called safety section for the Play Store. This feature helps users learn about the personal data collected by the App, understand whether the data is encrypted, and tell the user other information that the App may infringe on the user’s security and privacy.

Google will require developers to publicly obtain the types of data and how this information will be used. The app interface of the Play Store will also inform whether the app uses security measures such as encryption for user data, whether the app complies with Google’s policies, and whether the data sharing function has been independently verified by a third party. In addition, the Play Store will also specify in detail whether the application allows users to delete previous personal data.

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Similar to Apple’s privacy label function, Google also requires developers to disclose the details of their collection of user privacy. If a developer violates this policy, Google will first ask the developer to solve the problem, otherwise, there will be policy consequences. Google plans to first test the “privacy label feature” this summer, and then require all Play Store apps to provide this feature in 2022.


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