Nintendo Hong Kong Service will launch any loss coupons for a limited time on May 18, priced at HK$649

Today, Nintendo Hong Kong Service officially announced that it will launch the Nintendo Game Redemption Voucher (Non-Loss Voucher) for a limited time from May 18 to July 4, 2021. Can be redeemed for two designated download games released by Nintendo within one year after purchase.

The Nintendo Game Voucher is a limited product for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers. Within one year after purchase, you can purchase two designated download versions of Nintendo-issued game software at a discounted price of HKD 649.

For example, the price of ordinary download and purchase of The Legend of Zelda Wilderness and Excalibur 2 is HKD 1068, but if you use the purchased coupons (2), you can purchase 2 models at a discounted price of HKD 649 Game software, saving HKD 419 in total.

  • You can redeem for game software sold within the validity period of the Nintendo game voucher.
  • Except for game software below HKD 324.

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The 2 exchange vouchers can be used separately. For example, one voucher can be used to redeem one game software that can be played immediately, and the other one can be reserved for new game software to be released in the future. The way of use is freely arranged by users.


  • Classic popular combination: “Super Smash Bros. Special Edition” + “The Legend of Zelda Wilderness”
  • Family Fun Combination: “Super Mario 3D World + Furious World” + “Super Mario Party”
  • Leisure life combination: “Assemble! Animal Crossing Club” + “Mytopia”
  • Explore the adventure combination: “New Pokémon Shoot with Music” + “Pikmin™ 3 Deluxe Edition”
  • Sports Combination: “Mario Golf Super Rush” + “Mario Tennis Ace”
  • Nintendo game voucher is only available for a limited time, please seize the opportunity to purchase at Nintendo eShop.
  • Please check the list of designated software at Nintendo eShop and confirm the designated game software that can be exchanged for the Nintendo game voucher.

Nintendo Hong Kong Service officially announced that it will launch “Nintendo Game Redemption Vouchers” for a limited time from May 18th to July 4th, 2021. Interested players can consider buying and redeem their favorite games.

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