Chromebook finally ushered in Nearby Share proximity sharing feature

Alexander Kuscher, head of Google Chrome OS software, just introduced the Nearby Share feature for Chromebook users in a blog post earlier this month. As the name suggests, it makes it easier for Chromebook users to share content with nearby devices, such as Android tablets/smartphones, and other laptops running Chrome OS.

Ten years have passed since Google first launched the Chromebook, during which we have witnessed the continuous development of the device and the Chrome OS operating system. As early as March, Google has launched Nearby Share and supports offline sharing. But now, it has finally logged into the Chromebook platform.

In order to encourage everyone to use this Android/Chrome OS version of the airdrop feature, Google also introduced in detail various sharing cases of its own employees. In addition to images, Nearby Share also supports text, links, music and other types of files, as well as private transmission in offline mode.

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What’s even better is that this feature can send multiple files at once, and there is no e-mail attachment size limit. Interested friends can start the experience today. Finally, Google has brought some new wallpapers, account avatars, and small circle notifications for App icons to Chrome OS.


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