The Apple Watch Mind app in watchOS 8 may provide mental health assistance

Apple may launch a Mind app during the WWDC keynote after a developer discovered that the app bundle identifier points to a new feature destined for watchOS 8. Apple will hold a keynote speech at WWDC 2021 on Monday and is expected to announce various new features that will be brought to iOS 15, iPadOS 15, tvOS 15, watchOS 8 and macOS 12 this fall.

Although Apple’s new content is usually kept secret before the press conference, it seems that the technology giant may have accidentally leaked some secrets in the firmware in advance. Developer Khaos Tian discovered it and posted it on Twitter.

A picture showing App Store information lists some bundled identifiers, mainly related to watchOS. In this list, there are some items that may imply that they will appear on the Apple Watch soon.

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The key finding in the list is, which is a newly added item because Apple has never had any apps with this title before. There is reason to believe that Mind may be a new application in watchOS 8, which may provide some form of mental health-related functions.

Many other items listed in the picture include NanoTips and NanoContacts, which may point to Apple Watch variants of existing iPhone applications or maybe part of the continued push for Apple Watch to reduce its reliance on iPhone and iOS applications. And the role of managing data is becoming independent.


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