The official release of watchOS 8 brings portrait dials, new exercise methods and more

After leaking information many times in the past, Apple finally unveiled watchOS 8. This time, Apple focused on making watchOS 8 a great improvement in the overall features, such as introducing breathing rate and more features. In addition, the new update also brings new exercise methods, such as Tai Chi exercises, for those who want to try different things.

In addition, Fitness+ also provides 7 new exercise methods to help you focus on exercise. Fitness+ also brings the Artist Spotlights feature, which provides exercise tracks for everyone who wants to have fun from exercise.

In addition, watchOS 8 also brings the portrait dial feature, which will allow you to set the photos you take as the watch dial and put the face of your loved one on the face of the watch, which is great for anyone who seeks to be different. It is very convenient to say.

Users who upgrade watchOS 8 will also get a new breathing app Mindfulness; the photo app has also been overhauled, adding highlights and memories. Now you can also share photos in your watch with messages and emails.

Scribble now also allows you to add emojis to handwritten messages. In addition, the application in iMessage began to come with its own image search and quick access to photos. In addition, watchOS 8 also brings the Find My Items function, including AirTags, and the weather feature has also been enhanced. Last but not least, watchOS 8 now allows your Apple Watch to set multiple timers continuously; this is also the first new feature to appear on the Apple Watch.

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The watch dial feature has been updated and now supports the “portrait” dial. You can now scroll the digital crown to zoom in on the dial. watchOS 8 ushered in a new version of the photo album application, which includes a mosaic layout and the ability to share directly through messages/mails. Even better-Apple Watch finally supports GIF animations!

The breathing app has now been “enhanced” and it has added a new animation feature. There is also a new “Reflect (reflection)” function that allows you to focus more. There is also a Mindfulness app that brings new types of exercises-Tai Chi and Pilates. Fitness Plus subscription has more celebrity classes, including Lady Gaga, Keith Urban and Alicia Keys.

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