Microsoft released June 2021 patch update for Windows 10

Windows 10

Microsoft recently pushed out the June system update for Windows 10. If you are using Windows 10 21H1, 20H2 and 2004, 1909 system versions, you can receive the push. The June update of Windows 10 2021 brings several bug fixes, such as memory leaks under high load when using certain apps in containers.

The Windows 10 June 2021 update brings performance improvements to news and interest components and fixes seven 0day vulnerabilities in terms of security, as well as more than 50 other vulnerabilities (including 5 critical vulnerabilities and 45 important vulnerabilities).

In addition, this Windows 10 June cumulative update has pushed news and interest components for more versions of Win10 systems, and the corresponding functions can be turned on for Windows 10 systems above 2004. After installing the news and interest component, you can display information such as weather and news in the taskbar, which is similar to the information flow experience on an Android machine.

If you want to install the Windows 10 June cumulative update, you only need to enter the Win10 settings panel, then find the relevant menu of Windows Update, and then check for updates. As before, the Windows 10 upgrade will change the version numbers of the Build and Experience Pack. If you upgrade on the basis of Win10 21H1, it will be changed to Build 19043.1052; and if you upgrade on the basis of 20H2, you will be upgraded to Build 19042.1052.

The following is the specific push patch and the version number of each system.

  • Win10 1507: KB5003687 (Build 10240.18967)
  • Win10 1607: KB5003638 (Build 14393.4467)
  • Win10 1809: KB5003646 (Build 17763.1999)
  • Win10 1909: KB5003635 (Build 18363.1621)
  • Win10 2004, 20H2, 21H1: KB5003637 (Build 19041.1052, 19042.1052, and 19043.1052)

Unlike the previous cumulative update on Tuesday, this Windows 10 June cumulative update comes with a new feature News and Interests. Some users may have received this update to change the taskbar in April or May, but this push will allow most users to use this feature and improve the experience of users who have previously received News and Interests updates. According to the update log, the news and interest controls are now more reliable. When the user hovers the cursor over it, there will be no startup failure.

For the 21H1 system, the Win10 June update brings security fixes and improvements. Microsoft said that installing the update will improve the security of using input devices (such as a mouse, keyboard, or pen, etc.). At the same time, Microsoft has also updated Windows OLE to improve its security and optimize the process of authenticating user names and passwords.

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This update also improves the security of basic operations, storage and management of files. This patch also fixes a problem that the touch device does not work, and another bug that reappears on the desktop when the item is deleted. The June update of Windows 10 also solves video playback problems, such as fixing a bug that spatial audio does not work as expected. Microsoft also fixed the video playback problem.

According to Microsoft’s upgrade document, the Win10 21H1 update has been pushed to all users in May. This Win10’s first semi-annual upgrade in 2021 does not bring any new features. It is a small update. After installation, you can open some features that have been installed to the system through various patches. If you still have not received the relevant push, you can manually check for updates.

There are also some known issues with the Windows 10 cumulative update for June. Microsoft is currently investigating two bugs after the update-reduced game performance and audio issues. However, it is worth noting that these problems have been reported earlier, not caused by this update, but still exist in the updated system.

According to the update log, some users may observe performance issues when running the game in a full-screen or borderless window. Note that there is now the newest repair patch that has been pushed through Windows Update. If you still encounter this problem, you can check whether there is a patch update. If you encounter audio problems, turn on the audio settings and allow spatial audio.


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