How to bypass Microsoft account login in Windows 11 Home Edition OOBE

Earlier this week, the Windows 11 ISO image was sneaked off the Internet, allowing us to learn more about the new system before the launch on June 24. During the installation process, user Adam found an interesting detail in the Windows 11 Home Edition Out of Box Experience (OOBE) process.

After setting up as a new device, Microsoft continues to require users to log in to the Microsoft account on the device, and it is difficult to skip the OOBE process. The solution for Windows 11 Professional on the desktop is to unplug the network cable, then select the I don’t have Internet option, and then proceed to Limited Settings to allow users to set up local accounts.

However, for Windows 11 Home Edition users, this operation cannot bypass OOBE, because there is no “I don’t have Internet” option on the interface. User Adam provided a simple and practical method, which is both interesting and surprising; when Windows 11 Home Edition prompts the user to connect to the network, a simple Alt + F4 shortcut key will close the prompt and the screen will directly enter the local Account creation page. This is never provided to the user in the usual process.

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This bypasses the entire Microsoft account login screen. For those who want to avoid logging in to their account during the OOBE process, this is a clever trick, especially in these early days when most operating system installations took place On the virtual device.

Of course, those who choose to log in to the Microsoft account can go to the account settings and switch to the local account after setting up the device, but currently, there seems to be no other way to circumvent the restrictions in OOBE.

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