Windows 10 21H1 status page update

The Windows 10 21H1 status page showed a week ago that Microsoft has started the upgrade deployment: some selected PCs that meet the conditions will be automatically upgraded to new feature updates.

In order to detect potential problems, Microsoft’s deployment is not fast. Microsoft explained that they are using this stage to train their machine learning models to sniff out possible BUG hardware and configuration combinations.

The status page has been updated today, and Microsoft said it will expand the scale of the PC that is automatically upgraded. The page wrote: “We are now starting a new phase of promotion. Using the device learning training we have done so far, we are adding the option to automatically update to Windows number of devices 10 21H1 version.

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These devices are close to service. The period is over. We will continue to train our device learning through all stages to provide a smooth update experience.”

Microsoft said that their goal is to specifically target those computers that use older versions of Windows, which are about to withdraw from support. Microsoft pointed out that the update still applies to manual early adopters, that is, those running Windows 10 20H2 and Version 2004, users who manually choose to check for updates through Windows Update.


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