Tips: With the help of Google Maps, you can easily find your favorite restaurant

You can save your favorite places on the map in Google Maps so that you can quickly find them later on your computer, phone or tablet. You can read here how to do that.

Save your favorite places to Maps

Do you want to be able to easily find your favorite restaurant or museum? Then you can save them in Google Maps. To save places and view them later in Google Maps, you must be signed in with the same Google Account on the devices where you want to view them.

  • Open Google Maps on your Android phone
  • Click or search for a company, a place or a set of coordinates
  • Click on Save and then choose a list where you want to put the place in Maps

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See your favorite places in Maps

  • Open Google Maps on your Android phone
  • Click Saved at the bottom of the navigation bar
  • View Recently Saved or Saved Nearby at the top of this screen
  • View your lists to which you have added places at the bottom of this screen

Now you know how you can easily find a nice place in Google Maps, but did you also know that you can save your parking space in Google Maps so that you no longer have to remember where you parked your car? You can also (temporarily) share your location with someone via Google Maps and see where you’ve been on the map based on the photos you’ve taken.

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