Windows 11 can install Android APK locally

At the recent Windows 11 conference, Microsoft brought us a blockbuster feature-Windows 11 supports running Android apps. Microsoft introduced Android apps to the Win11 app store through the Amazon app store.

However, the Android App in the app store alone is not enough to meet everyone’s needs. If users can be allowed to load the Android APK side by side (that is, manually installed through unofficial channels), it will greatly compensate for the Windows 11 touch software ecosystem.

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Yesterday, some netizens asked whether users are allowed to install APK locally on Windows 11, and the official Microsoft staff answered: Yes!

Microsoft officially confirmed that the Android App will be enabled in the future Windows 11 official version, and the first preview version will not include the Android subsystem. It is not clear what the process of sideloading Android APK is, but according to foreign media Windows Latest, it is expected to be the same as UWP sideloading in Windows 10. Developer mode needs to be turned on to allow the installation of apps from any source.

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