The developer made an open source Win11 upgrade detection tool

Microsoft officially released the new Windows 11 operating system this week, but Windows 11 has some specific requirements. Foreign media believe that it is likely that more than 2/3 of PCs cannot be upgraded to the new system.

In order to help Windows users check whether their devices are supported by the update, Microsoft also deliberately launched a “computer health check” program, but the software still has many shortcomings and often bugs.

Robert Maehl, a Github developer, felt that Microsoft’s official program was too difficult to use, so he wrote an open-source program overnight and published it on the Internet. Overseas users generally believed that the application was better than Microsoft’s official program.

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This software called “WhyNotWin11” will check your computer configuration according to Microsoft standards, and give instructions on where the conditions are not met or how to operate, which may be of great help to some novice users.

Microsoft yesterday updated the computer health check v2.3 and brought a new pop-up window. The English interface can show which conditions do not meet its standards so that users can make targeted improvements. But obviously, there is no “WhyNotWin11” more convenient.

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