Call of Duty Mobile apologizing for some of the poor basic experience problems in the game

Yesterday, the official team of Call of Duty Mobile released a communication blue post about basic experience issues, apologizing for some of the poor basic experience problems in the game. After player feedback, Call of Duty Mobile discovered and optimized many server problems in the past few months, including bullet swallowing/losing damage, swallowing record, delays, etc. After the national server was resolved, it was applied overseas as soon as possible.

The current Call of Duty Mobile multiplayer battle server Tick is 20, and the blast mode has reached 25 due to higher real-time requirements. When talking about the disconnection and reconnection issue, Call of Duty Mobile officially stated that the disconnection and reconnection may be caused by the player’s current network environment, server network (at this time, it will affect all players on this server), or game bugs. The specific reasons and solutions require players to provide more information to locate.

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Call of Duty Mobile officially pointed out that there is no such thing as the server is not upgraded to be compatible with some mobile phone models. At the same time, the server configuration and network code of the overseas server and the national server are the same. The detailed optimization of many servers is first located in the national server and solved the problem, and then simultaneously sent to the overseas server.

At the same time, in response to issues such as crashes, model adaptation, image quality, update volume, and high frame rate, Call of Duty Mobile has also been optimized on the user’s side in the past six months since its launch.

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