HarmonyOS adds more than 300 open source components

HormonyOS previously launched 400+ open source components. Today HormonyOS officially announced that it will launch 300+ open source components again. More than 300 open source components added this time involve 8 categories (tools, networks, file data, UI, frameworks, animation graphics, audio and video, games). The specific categories are shown in the following table.

Developers can download the source code directly through the OpenHarmony open source address or obtain related components from the HarmonyOS application package management platform. In 2019, Huawei announced that Hongmeng HarmonyOS was open-sourced.

The Open Atom Open Source Foundation accepted Huawei’s donated code for the basic capabilities of the smart terminal operating system in September 2020, and then open-sourced it and named it the open-source project according to the naming rules. Named OpenAtom OpenHarmony.

In December 2020, seven units including PATEO, HUAWEI, JD.com, Runhe, Yikatong, Software Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Chinasoft International (in alphabetical order) established OpenHarmony under the organization of the Open Atom Open Source Foundation. The project group working committee began to conduct open source community governance on the OpenHarmony project. Various units continue to invest and contribute to the OpenHarmony open source project.

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