Google Play New Rules: App icons and names are prohibited from displaying promotions etc.

Google announced an important change for the release of App in the Google Play store, these changes will take effect later this year. Google Play’s new regulations are clear and will crack down on apps that mislead users, whether it’s the name or the icon, it must restrict:

  • App’s name is limited to 30 characters
  • It is forbidden to imply performance, promotion, etc. in the icon, name, and developer name
  • No graphic elements that mislead the user can appear in the icon

From September, any apps that do not comply with these regulations will be removed from Google Play. The following are examples from Google’s official website. Misleading elements such as free, special sale, ranking number one and so on are not allowed.

Qualified App

Unqualified App 1

Unqualified App 2

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