Apple Watch Series 6 with titanium alloy case currently out of stock and may have been discontinued

When Apple launched the Apple Watch Series 6, it released an Apple Watch Edition with a titanium case. According to Bloomberg, the special edition watch is currently out of stock in Apple retail stores in major markets.

Mark Gurman pointed out in the latest issue of the Power On newsletter that the titanium version of the Apple Watch Series 6 starts at $799 and is currently available in the United States and other major markets. Can no longer be purchased from retail stores.

Apple did not say that Apple Watch Edition has been discontinued, so this is my theory. Only a few weeks before the next version of the Apple Watch, Apple’s titanium version is almost out of stock. Considering the high price of the watch, it is not expected to sell well, and Apple may not make much. They probably stopped production a few months ago, and eventually, the supply was insufficient.

However, Apple Watch Series 7 still hopes to keep the titanium alloy version, but if Apple chooses to give up, like the previous ceramic and gold versions, I will not be surprised. Seriously, what is the point of spending $800 to buy a watch that is out of date in a year?

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