Apple promotes exclusive offers to Apple Card users in the Wallet App

Apple has started to promote exclusive offers to Apple Card users this week, and related offers will be directly presented to users when they access the wallet application. According to the news shared by Bloomberg Mark Gurman on Twitter, Apple provides Apple Card users with free access to Apple News+ and unlimited coffee refills when placing orders at Panera Bread.

However, this feature seems to be still in the early promotion stage. When we clicked Learn More, we found that the link did not officially take effect. As for the completeness of Apple News+ benefits for Apple Card users, it remains to be further tested.

Prior to this, Apple had brought some special promotions for Apple Card users, usually extra cashback for specific merchants, or higher discounts for digital goods. Rebate rewards are still displayed in the Apple Card interface (such as Apple News+ offers), but MacRumors is more concerned about this.

It seems that this is the first time that we have seen Apple directly promote an item of its own to Apple Card users in the Wallet App. Of course, it is not uncommon for credit card companies to provide customers with discounts and offers on various products. But in the face of an industry ecosystem with a large number of loyal users, Apple Card clearly has a more unique market position.

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