Chrome Android App testing the new UI for download panels and bookmarks

XDA-Developers reported that: Since the release of Android 12, Google has been working hard to refresh the old version of the application to the Material You style. The latest change happened in Chrome for Android. Earlier this month, the app welcomed support for dynamic themes for the first time. Now, Google is testing new UI modifications for it, so that the download panel and bookmarks section can be put on a more modern look.

First, introduce the download panel of Chrome for Android. At the bottom of the download content, the new design has changed the gray pop-up window and turned it into a congratulatory message at the top. The completed download will also appear in the same position in the circular card with the Open button.

Secondly, the bookmark page also ushered in a UI refresh, now with larger grid icons, and the spacing of items has also become larger. It should be pointed out that although the new design changes look good, they are currently limited to the Canary Early Access version of Chrome for Android.

As for whether Google will introduce the above changes in the latest official version of Chrome for Android, it remains to be tested. But no matter what, we are full of expectations for the more modern and concise Material You design style.

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