The controversial WhatsApp terms of service may become optional

According to the latest reports, remember the controversial terms of service that WhatsApp introduced earlier this year? For those who don’t remember, the terms of service mentioned here require users to share their data with Facebook. Failure to accept it will result in damage to the app’s functionality. Obviously, this has caused anger among users.

Most importantly, WhatsApp failed to properly communicate these changes, which caused confusion among all users. This also caused the company to postpone the change, but the rebound at the time did not stop. All of this caused the company to regress on this change, and they eventually revised everything. The company later announced that it decided not to restrict or delete these accounts.

Now, there is new evidence that WhatsApp may make the new terms of service optional. According to WABetaInfo, even if the user does not accept the updated terms of service, they can still use the services provided by the application. The company is currently planning to limit this mandatory change to WhatsApp Business messages.

So what does this mean? If you use WhatsApp to keep in touch with your friends and family, then you can ignore the terms of service and continue to use the app without any restrictions. But if you use WhatsApp Business, the service will ask you to review and accept WhatsApp updates. This is the information you will see.

The company has always insisted that the updated terms of service only apply to users of WhatsApp Business accounts. WABetaInfo also pointed out that WhatsApp plans to announce this new change to the terms of service soon, and future versions of the app will support this change.

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